Single Malt



You Are What You Drink

Whisky isn't always the answer, but its worth a shot or three to be sure.

Welcome to My House Party

Nowadays a great party is determined by if I get to be home and in bed by 10 p.m.

The Bachelorette: Celebrity Edition

Every rose has its #TeamCORN. Now please take a moment to tweet your goodbyes

Bach At It

Lord of the (Engagement) Rings: Return of the Fling

Predicted Splits 2k17

"This is the potential break up post" -Aly & AJ

Somewhat Catfished

When bad dates happen to good bloggers

Kiwi Krushed

Swipe Right for Missing Persons Report

You Had Me at Shalom

Can't complain, everything's Kosher

Life as a Single Malt

"This is what romance novels are made of!" - Relationship Expert Ashley Iaconetti

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