Poem: My Old Fashioned

You sat at the bar, I walked past, then back again,

Your energy, intoxicating, an addiction began.

You nursed my heart, I melted like ice.

You offered to pick up the next round, I said yes, twice.

Your aura entranced me,

your face,

your eyes,

filled me.

You freed me from fears, flights, and I couldn’t fight

as they fell behind me.

You pulled me closer, smelling of woods with warm liquor on your lips.

You felt spins through the night, your strong hands guiding my hips.

You told me that old fashions are your favorite drink; I promised you’d always be mine.

But through a drunken haze, it became clear,

Your power to poison me, the potency, filled me with fear.

You had my heart,

on reserve,

until you asked for the check.

You pulled away, I yelled last call,

You shut the door.

Now I’m left, sitting alone, always, waiting for



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  1. rchlgeller says:

    And now you’re a poet!!Is this

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