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Single Malt was founded in November 2016 as way for me to explore my ~creative~ side and work from different coffee shops every day. I stick to topics I enjoy researching and discussing, especially politics, dating and pop culture.*

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I share my birthday with Vincent Van Gough, I’d wish him a happy birthday, but there’s only a half chance he’d hear it.

2. The most famous person I’ve met is Chris Noth, or “Mr. Big” from SATC. My family saw him on the beach and my Dad offered him a cigar and he sat down. However, I was much more star-struck when meeting fellow blogger and former Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn. I don’t know why I couldn’t speak, she only came in third after all.

3. I used to get very upset about the fact that I had the BOY spelling of Jamie. Instead of simply switching my spelling to Jaime, I spent the entire summer of 2001 only answering to Marissa. The day my mother picked me up from camp and they said they had “no one named Jamie here” is a story in itself.

4. With that said, I had pretty gullible counselors if they believed a seven year old that said my mom put “Jamie” as the name in my file as a joke. Or I was the most pursuasive child of all time. Maybe I SHOULD have done law school… Nevermind. Too much work, not enough twerk.

5. My favorite color is seafoam green. Wait – lilac. No, Black. Definitely black. Probably. I’m also very decisive.

6. My fantasy husband is a Jewish Jon Snow. What….there’s White Walkers, dragons, but no Jews in Westeros? Anyways, operative term here being fantasy.

7. The book that made me fall in love with reading was The Face on The Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. The protagonist was “Janie,” unless I blurred my vision and then the story became about me and that time I realized I was adopted after recognizing my face on a “missing children” milk carton and searching for my birth mother….. spoilers. Nonetheless, by fifth grade I had read every book she had written thus far, but have yet to see a milk carton with a face on it. Why don’t they do that anymore?

8. I live in the city with my fabulous roommate and our children, three Beta Fighting fish by the names of Christian Scale, Alec Baldwin and Swim Shady. Our next will be our first girl, Gillary Duff. Manhattan is a pretty terrible place to live, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else besides the center of the universe.

9. My dream apartment includes a white living room (leather couch, furry rug, coffee table, everything), color-changing lightbulbs and Jon Snow cooking me an organic Kosher dinner in the kitchen. (I’m not letting that one go, Snow).

10. If I had to only eat three foods, they’d be French fries, chicken tenders and berries. Did I say if? I meant to say these are my three primary food groups. Mac N’ Cheese if I am feeling wild enough to do dairy.

11. I have been told that if I had a dollar for every time I laughed at my own joke I’d be on some Forbes list, which I’m totally down for.

12. WordPress is teaching me how to use technology better. Case and point…

Look! I figured out how to setup a forum: 

Are you not impressed?!


Please send all questions, comments and love letters to: Singlemaltblog@gmail.com

*Disclaimer: Not all post are expressly my specific personal options, but the stories need to be colorful, you know? 


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