Step inside my personal blog, Single Malt!

Pretty Neat: Single Malt is my brain-child that launched my career as a writer. Thirsting to do more than my current sales job, I created my blog to test my writing and creative branding skills. Since beginning Single Malt, I have retroactively improved the site as my blogging skills increased, adding in SEO-optimization, interactive media and various WordPress tools. Single Malt is also my platform to display my writing style for creative freelancing. You can learn more about my ghostwriting & freelance services on Jamie Geller Creative.

Very Dirty: Known for mind-bending wordplay about foreplay, Single Malt’s featured section include dating stories (Cocktails), topical commentary (Whiskey Business) and my best posts (Top Shelf).

Hand-Crafted: While my writing is authentic and raw, my blog isn’t created by any means as a way to reveal or promote myself, as much as express my humor through a satirical, blog-formatted lenses, drawing on some personal experiences.

With a Twist: You won’t see lists of my favorite pizza spots in New York, or my must-have items in my purse. What you may see is a blog wondering why they haven’t made purses specifically out of pizza, as well as which toppings would most likely end up on Fashion Police. For example, you really shouldn’t eat white pizza after labor day.


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