Hey friends!

Me, post headgear

Single Malt was founded in November 2016 as way for me to explore my ~creative~ side and work from different coffee shops every day. I stick to topics I enjoy researching and discussing, especially politics, dating and pop culture.*

I live in the city with my fabulous roommate and our three beta fighting fish-children, Alec Baldfin, Taylor Swim and Christian Scale.

I have been told that if I had a dollar for every time I laughed at my own joke I’d be on some Forbes list, which I’m totally down for. 

Look! I figured out how to setup a forum: 

Please send all questions, comments and love letters to: Singlemaltblog@gmail.com

*Disclaimer: Not all post are expressly my specific personal options, but the stories need to be colorful, you know? 

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