Poetry: Romeo & Jew

among the smoke, strippers, & mirrors, i found a strapping fellow throwing singles,
and soon after,
we weren’t.

— May 20, 2020 —

Self (S)Care

Then that dosage honeymoon wears off and you kind of wonder if you were better off with your last antidepressant. The pill was bigger, even though your current one has a better job.

— Winter 2020 Collection —


Be really specific if you need a phone charger, because if you ask for a plug, you’ll get thrown an anal toy.

— Dec 18, 2019 —

Poetry: The Oy-Dessy

it’s important to treat your body like at temple
an orthodox temple,
and i only let jews come inside me

— Fall 2019 Collection —

Happy Hour with Kanye West

“Tomatoes exist in BOTH fruit and vegetable groups. They’re the bi-racial child of the produce aisle.” — Kanye

— Feb 2, 2019 —

Plenty of Fish

Whether an un(tin)canny resemblance to Tuna, or a fixation with blowholes, I’ve caught & released plenty of fish — but want an Aquaman who flips my fin to full fillet.
— Nov 27, 2018 —

The Pink House

Controversy fit for a queen: Nicki Minaj’s latest album flopped harder than Trump’s golf shorts on the green.

— Sept 16, 2018 —

Poetry: My Old Fashioned

Your power to poison me, the potency, filled me with fear.
You had my heart on reserve,
until you asked for the check.

— Sept 9 2018 —