The Pink House

There’s been much deliberation into the identity behind the New York Time’s Op-Ed, ‘I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.’

Speculation presently points to a plethora of possible perpetrators under a pysudonym (say that five times fast), include Vice President, Mike Pence, Chief off Staff John Kelly, to even Jenna Cooper orchestrating this —  forensically verified, of course.

At this point, we can only rule out Melania, as no records show that Michelle Obama published this first. Plus, the OpEd was published in perfect, fluent English — which I suppose rules out her husband as well.

When they go low, we go… under pysodynm?  GIPHY

As speculation continues to swirl over the identity of the author, I want to throw another hat into the mixtape: Nicki Minaj. While the USA and the Monarchy are no strangers to feuding – the original Queen of Rap herself might be making moves to dethrone our local aspiring dictator.

Orange vs. Pinkprint

Nicki is no stranger to feuds, as having recently sparked them with a number of celebrities, including Cardi B, Drake, her ex Safaree and seven-month-old Stormi Webster.

But here where the evident stacks (on stacks) up: Nicki Minaj’s latest album flopped harder than Trump’s golf shorts on the green. So shifting her failure onto another could have been her way to shift criticism from herself.

Tekashi, meet Roy Moore.

Their connections don’t end there: both hail from New York, vehemently deny obvious plastic surgery, overexxagerate their net worth and enjoy collaborating with known pedophiles.

Despite the above evidence that she is the Resistance leader, at least one thing we know for certain: Nicki Minaj’s anaconda don’t want none — and Trump doesn’t have one.


Writer’s note: I have it on good authority that Nicki Minaj’s team reads my blog as part of their news digest. As soon as I reach out, I’ll update you with their comments.

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