Kiwi Krushed

A New Zealand man today was found after seemingly disappearing for two weeks after taking a spontaneous trip with a Tinder date. Meanwhile, I am just thrilled when my date pays for drinks. 

Can we agree this headline would be less concerning if he found his date on Bumble or Hinge? 

He was found this week playing bongos on a beach in  Thailand. The tourist that found him said, “Ya it was him. He’s running around learning to play his hand drum.” 

A man unafraid to march to the beat of his own hand drum

Hold up. This guy has a sexy New Zealand accent, likes spontaneous vacations AND plays the bongos?

This is my Kiwi Unicorn. 

No word if his Tinder date made it back safe, but if that means he single, I won’t one to question good news.