Czars — They’re Just Like Us!

They forget to apply eye cream! 


Czar Ivan IV “The Terrible” ruled from 1530-1584

Regarded for turning Russia from a medieval state to a world power, but was also known to enjoy killing animals as a kid and eventually died of a heart attack while playing chess. 

They celebrate No Shave November! 


Czar Nicholas II “The Last Czar” ruled from 1894-1917

For more on his legacy, check out this underrated movie about his daughter, Anastasia.

They’re badass feminists with high sex drives!


Czar Catherine II “The Great” ruled from 1762-1798

The longest-reigning female monarch of Russia infamously slept with a “parade of lovers” instead of her husband, a list that included foreign princes and military leaders and a rumored few horses.

They regret their risky fashion choices!


Czar Michael I ruled 1613-1645

The first ruler of the Romanov dynasty ascended the throne at age 16 and reduced peasantry to serfdom. Which is good because peasants are gross.