Villian the Blanks

So I have never said this before, but I cared who won the Super Bowl this year. Any other year I’m a real home run at these sporty shindigs, usually focused a lot more about my Instagram of the wings getting 100 likes than on the game itself. This year was different – I just really wanted the good guys to win.

Similar but different

For those of you like me who think field goals are career aspirations or end zones are the phase of a relationship where you’re inevitably breaking up, let me explain:

The SuperBowl is like the finale episode of football season. We’re down to the final two! It’s also a great excuse me to drink beer and seem all chill in front of guys (I’m not).

Matt Ryan, Falcon Quarterback

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots began this season with Brady benched for deflating footballs before games. Once #DeflateGate blew over, their QB (football for quarterback) was back in action to win the season.

The Falcons vs Patriots was a David vs. Goliath, or the American Colonies vs. British Troops, even Regina George vs. Candy Heron. The story of the good guy underdog is a classic American value and usually who we hope to win.

Even on Sunday when it seemed that the Falcons were headed to victory, Brady pulled it together in Q4 for his fifth Super Bowl title. (Seriously, as someone who’s never watched a game voluntarily – that sounded super sporty.)

We needed the Falcons to win because we are so overdue for a moral victory. The Patriots win was like if Goliath got back up, took David’s slingshot and knocked his head off with it while Lady Gaga watched.

Can the good guys ever win anymore?

There’s a societal shift toward celebrating villains. We just love them. Villains get their own movies and even the heroes are focused on showing their dark side, such as alcoholic superhero Jessica Jones.

Villian-centered Suicide Squad is now nominated for an Oscar. AN OSCAR.

Even in the semi-reality world of the Bachelor, the villain gets most screen time second to the star and often amass the biggest following.

Chad Johnson and Corinne Olympios are the most recent season villains and their commentary alone is what makes watching their seasons worthwhile.

We glorify them, so they keep winning.

Much like Chad, Corinne had no interest in making friends with the other contestants. She’s there to get engaged to Nick, a former Bachelorette villain himself.


I just want to find someone who looks at me the way these two look at plates of meat.

To be fair, the difference with Chad is he goes out of his way to instigate fights – he’s truly a villain. In a contrast, COrigen as been portrayed as the villain for being sexual and ignoring the other girls opinions. She’s my hero because she is so grest at just doing her. Regardless, they’ll both be remembered the longest of their season because of their epic villainous ways.


If the bachelor isn’t real enough for you to believe villains keep winning, check CNN.

Lost in Powers: International Man of Misogyny

The Evil Office

Everyone and their mother expected Hillary Clinton to win the election, including Donald Trump. His electoral college victory felt like the climax scene in the unrealistic live-movie that’s been this election. We all expected the American people to pull through for the candidate that took the higher road. The one who could prove to all women they can be anything. At the very least, the lesser of two evils should win. But in a close race, evil Trumped good.

c2324a4c-20d6-4e2a-97ef-08e5223b484a-339-0000008b0b712ba2_tmpWhat we know from Hollywood culture is that every villain has an opposite hero. Each Joker a Batman, Voldermort a Dumbledore. It’s the natural balance of things .

As of now, we lack a hero to balance out Lord Trump and his Debt Eaters. This blank space is one that men like Steve Bannon, the initiator of the Muslim Ban, intend to fill with dangerous policies.

But if one man is able to do torpedo our democracy in al little over a year, there muse be someone out there capable of uniting us as a country and putting America back on a progressive path.

We need a hero who can step up and lead us out of this. Anyone know a guy?

Happy Endings Are Great

There is so much negativity in the world, so let’s end things on a positive note. With more than double the percentage of Americans rooting for Atlanta than New England, at least the Falcons won the popular vote.