Half Baked

To clear up a common misconception, I am NOT a kosher celebrity chef with six kids. That’s my cousin’s (fabulous) wife who lives in Israel. I am the one that blogs about bad dates and Trump.

But I see how you can get us be easily confused.

On two occasions I almost burnt down my apartment while making Mac and Cheese, because sometimes you forget you started boiling water. Earlier, I almost started a small fire making toast as a kid…toast


Besides the career, continent and twenty year age difference, I used to get messages on Facebook telling me how much people love my cookbook. It drove me nuts, but if people really confused us that often, I must have missed how easy it was. Once I really paid attention, I could hardly discern which Jamie Geller was really me!

It is so  easy to confuse us, considering:

We both hang out with other chefs

Love tasting new wines

We also just love us some dark meat

Israel is where we are both in our element

We’ll probably both be equally successful in life

You can buy her cookbooks here and you can continue to follow me blog about dicks and Kylie Jenner here.