You Had Me at Shalom

The Jewish people have known no greater modern hardship than dating in New York City. As a Jewish female, I know firsthand the daily struggle that is finding Kosher meat in the concrete jungle.

Don’t get me wrong –  I enjoy getting men from different backgrounds in and out of my system. I don’t limit my dating pool to those of my faith and strongly believe that dating people from different backgrounds is a great way to appreciate diversity as well as discovering new sides of yourself. This Rumspringa is especially important before inevitably settling down with a Jewish lawyer whose bank account I pray is larger than his nose.  


Tips for Jews Dating in NYC

 1. The Jewish New Year is the ideal time to get the attention of your Rabbi’s son. Volunteer to blow the shofar in front of your community and maintain eye contact with him until he invites you to his place on the UWS to Manischevitz and Chill. 

2. When JSwipe fails, LinkedIn is the best dating website alternative. Congratulate them on their one-year work anniversary and just wait for them to send you an endorsement, the Facebook poke of young professionals.  

3. Treat your body like an Orthodox Temple, only let Jews cum inside you.