Make Blogging Great Again!

Thank you, Donald J. Trump for inspiring me to start a blog.

Why thank the Donald? Firstly, I have about as much blogging experience to qualify me to create this page as Trump does to become president. Secondly, as we near the end of the election, Trump has proven to me that anything is possible and that being “qualified for the job” holds as much value in 2016 as “Top Beeper Salesperson” or “American Idol Winner.” 

It perplexes me how the public opinion that Hillary Clinton, as a woman, is the unlikely winning candidate. Although historically significant, wouldn’t the Cheeto-dust covered Voldemort get the “unlikely” title instead of a former Secretary of State?

Trump, on the other hand, proves that you do not need to be experienced, tactful, attractive or even a successful businessperson to be a winning candidate.


My point is this; if Biff Tannen with a Twitter handle can be a presidential candidate then I don’t even have to be literate to be a blogger. Perhaps if I handle controversial topics with enough political incorrectness, I too can be endorsed by Scott Baio and propel my blog to the White House and beyond.




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