Self (S)Care

Two \ Ill to the Pill

Going on a new antidepressant is like starting a new relationship. You feel so good and happy and just cant wait to take it every day. Then that dosage honeymoon wears off and you kind of wonder if you were better off with your last antidepressant. The pill was bigger, even though your current one has a better job. Sometimes you just want to break it off and slum it a Xanax for a while. Just lay there with no effort — that kind of relationship.

One \ Treat Yourself

I canceled my discover card, but that was more so due to their ads than my poor fiscal and physical health. We treat you like you treat you. No thanks. I don’t need some customer service guy in khakis coming over to help me self harm and ruin all my interpersonal relationships. We treat you like you treat you. That’s some copywriter with a myopic high level of self esteem. I’ll just use my debit card.

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