Self (S)Care

Going on a new antidepressant is like starting a new relationship.

You feel so good and happy and just can’t wait to take it every day. Then, the dosage honeymoon wears off and you start to wonder if you were better off with your last antidepressant. The pill was bigger, even though this one offers more stability. Sometimes you just want to break it off and slum it a Xanax for a while. Just lay there with no effort — that kind of relationship.

Self-care is an upward, sometimes scary climb. But the good news is that we rarely trip over mountains; it’s the pesky pebbles that usually take us down.

Giving Myself More Credit

In an ever-uphill effort to improve my self-care, I canceled my Discover card.

However, that was more so due to their ads than my poor fiscal (and physical) health. 

“We treat you like you treat you.” Wow, no thanks. I don’t need some customer service guy in khakis coming over to help me self-harm at home and ruin all my interpersonal relationships. I thought this card was supposed to enhance my life. Wait, maybe that was Jake from State Farm?

We treat you like you treat you. Discover, are you sure? That’s some out-of-touch copywriter with a myopic high level of self-esteem. Really, I’ll just use my debit card.

Now living in A.D. (after Discover) I’m not sure what to do — it’s not like I’m going to bank with Capital One. “What’s in your wallet?” That’s invasive, Alec Baldwin.

I understand you have like, 12 kids under 12 to feed, but my wallet has nothing to do with it. I’m still before children (or, B.C.).

What’s in your wallet, Alec Baldwin? Better yet, your medicine cabinet.

Apparently, I’m in the market for a new anti-depressant.

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